Our Guarantees

  1. Money back Guarantee

Due to the high quality services and unfailing client support our company offers, we have been able to deliver to our client’s expectations up to 99% of the times. This is what we are known for. Sometimes, however, some clients are dissatisfied with some papers they receive but due to our flexible refund policy, we are able to refund their money.

Instances that warrant refunds

  • If your order is double charged, you’ll get a 100% refund which takes up to two business days to get.
  • A 100% refund is available if due to the complexity of a task we were not able to find the right professional to handle it and hence the order is not worked on.
  • In the case of a missed deadline and upon investigation it arises that it’s due to our fault, we shall either offer a full refund or recalculate the price. It is however important to note that a client should state clearly their expectations of the paper, their requirements and provide detailed instructions on how to tackle the paper or else neither full nor partial refund will be given. Remember to also double check the materials you upload.
  • A refund of between 15%-50% is offered in case we don’t find a revision writer, while a delivery of a revised paper after the requested deadline attracts a 15% refund. Each case is reviewed by our manager individually who then proposes the best-fit solution.
  • To determine the eligibility of a refund, our manager scrutinizes each case thoroughly and determines how much poor quality papers and instructions provided will be refunded.
  • To qualify for a refund due to plagiarized content in a paper, one should provide enough evidence of the plagiarism and get it approved.
  • Dissatisfied clients should apply for a refund by contacting our customer support agents within ten days after the last deadline posted to us. Refunds are not possible once this period expires.
  • It is important to note that once a dispute is active, no refund can be processed.
  • Non refundable items include VAT and other extra features.

Refund Period

Clients with refund requests should contact the customer support team who then forward your order to our manager. The order is then reviewed individually and the manger decides appropriately on its eligibility for a refund. The entire process occurs within ten days 10 business days but it might take more business days for some peculiar cases.

  1. Plagiarism-Free Guaranteed

Our company does not condone plagiarism and hence every paper is passed through several professional systems which check for plagiarized content. This helps guarantee our clients non-plagiarized papers. Our writers are professionals who write papers from scratch therefore guaranteeing clients’ value for their money and time.

There is no additional cost for doing plagiarism checks. However, if a client requires proof of the originality of a paper, a plagiarism report is available for free. This is a useful document and shows how original the whole paper is.

However, some exceptions exist for guaranteed plagiarism free papers. This is in the case where a client requires us to proofread or edit an already done paper. We cannot guarantee that the paper send to us did not have plagiarized content and hence our guarantee is only when our writers do a paper from scratch.

Clients can present proof from Turnitin.com of plagiarized content. In such a case, they are eligible for a free revision of the paper by the same writer or another writer can revise the paper. However, cases of plagiarism are very rare and are easily solved. We aim at satisfying you with our services and hence keep you happy.

  1. Revision Policy

For our clients to get their desired high quality work, revision of the orders is important so as to meet the clients’ expectations. There are no additional charges for the revision of papers for up to ten days after the designated deadline has passed. The revision can be done as many times as the client demands within this time.

The revision terms are:

  • Initial and final instructions for a revision must coincide otherwise modifying the initial instructions attracts a 60% pay of the original fee.
  • Revision requests should be send by mail through client’s personal accounts in our system or via the phone, preferably by sending a message for the purposes of record keeping.
  • Requesting for a revision after 10 days have passed since the last deadline posted to our systems attracts additional costs. The free service is only available within the stated time.
  • Revision for a paper can be requested for as soon as it has been delivered even if the deadline for the paper is not yet reached.
  • Only when a client proves the necessity can a writer working on another order be reassigned to do a revision.
  • Opening of a dispute after only one revision is finished is only for tasks with a deadline of 48 hours and below, while tasks with a deadline of above 48 hours are only eligible for opening a dispute after at least two revisions are done.
  • A deadline revision should be specified for every revision request. The deadline for revision request cases with unspecified deadlines is usually 24 hour after receiving the revision instructions.
  • Unsettled disputes will cost a client their free revision rights.

We always strive to deliver a final product that meets our clients’ expectations without compromise at all times. Client satisfaction is a primary goal to us.


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