introduction to communication

  TASK 2: Oral Presentation Introduction: A great presentation not only encompasses great planning and organization but also excellent delivery. In task 1, you completed all of the planning aspects of your presentation; in this task, you will record yourself delivering your presentation. Note: Your presentation should reflect the planning you did in task 1. Requirement.  Deliver the oral presentation you planned in task 1, by doing the following: 1.  Present an effective introduction that includes the following aspects: •   an attention-getting opening •   a thesis statement •   a preview of the main points 2.  Discuss each of the main points. 3.  Provide verbal citations for all content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. Verbal citations should include two to three elements of the corresponding reference (i.e., author, date, title). Note: All verbal citations must have a corresponding reference in the reference list. 4.  Present an effective conclusion that includes a summary of the main points and closing comments. 5.  Present your information within five to seven minutes (not to exceed ten minutes or last less than four minutes). B.  Demonstrate the following five communication techniques appropriate to the given audience throughout your oral presentation: 1.  Speak clearly, audibly, and at an appropriate pace. 2.  Use variation in tone, pace, and volume of speech in order to keep audience interest. 3.  Use gestures and body language for emphasis and audience engagement. 4.  Maintain appropriate eye contact with your audience. 5.  Incorporate one appropriate visual element.

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