How it Works

How it works.

  1. Order Placement:

Visit our website and locate the order form. On this form, provide all the details on your assignment by filling all the sections of the form. Notably, it is important for you to fill the order form keenly. Also, ensure that your contact details are accurate since we will use this information to reach you.

  1. Make the Payment:

Your order can only be assigned to a writer once you make your payment. Once you place an order with us, we will contact you verify the details you have provided. Once this is done, go ahead and make the payment so that we can start working on your order.

  1. Confirmation Email:

At, we follow the policy of order confirmation through email. The confirmation email we will contain the following details: your order number, the means of contacting the writer handling your order, your account access and methods we will use to contact you. Do not delete this email since it will help us to serve you efficiently.

  1. Log into your Account on Our Site:

Your account was set up to help with customer care. You can use it to contact your writer and provide extra details on your assignment or check on the progress of your assignment. You can also use it to contact our customer care department. If the writer has queries about your order, they will contact you through this account so visit it regularly to see whether you have any new messages.

  1. Order Delivery:

Once your paper is complete, you will get an email notification. You can then check your paper, either approve it or submit it for revision if you have any concern.

We Meet Customer Needs

Contrary to most people’s thinking, we don’t only offer essay and academic paper writing but also any other writing however unique it might be. Our writing array includes:

  • Essays for college and high school.
  • All school levels research paper writing.
  • Power point presentations, critical and statistical analyses, case studies, review for books and reports including lab reports.
  • Partial or whole Theses and Dissertations.
  • Profiles, business reports, materials for marketing and presentations.
  • CV’s and resumes.
  • Content for websites, blogs and articles.
  • Graduate programs and high school assignments for any subject and online tests.
  • Re-writing, proofreading and editing.
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